Ideas for the Stimulation of the General Sensory System

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Your baby will benefit greatly from the stimulation of the senses: visual, hearing, touch, smell, taste and kinetic (sense that your baby is in space). In general, it can be said that your baby needs to be exposed to a variety of experiences and environments. It uses stimuli that alert any of the senses (something that moves, bright color, etc.) and others that affect several senses at the same time (going to the market or to a store). Next, suggestions for the stimulation of the six senses:

· Visual stimulus.
· Hang moving objects in bright colors where the baby can see them and try to catch them easily.
· Use sheets and friezes with designs or drawings in bright colors.
· Hang a mirror in a place that the baby can see himself.
· Maintain eye contact with the baby. Talk to him frequently, look at him and smile frequently.


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· Auditory stimulation.
· Provide toys with music inside.
· Hang some sound pendants on the door.
· Turn on the radio or music to hear it.
· Do not deprive him of the normal noises of your home or other listening experiences.
· Talk to him frequently. Repeat the sounds he emits. Tell him loudly what he does when he is around you in your daily chores.
· Put bells on their shoes.
· Make sure that many of your toys make noise in different shapes and tones (drum, sticks, hammer, etc.).

· Stimulus to touch.
· Put on different fabrics every day so that the baby gets used to the different types of fabrics (silk, cotton, wool, soft cloth, rough cloth, etc.).
· Allows the baby to play with water (under supervision).
· After the bath, dry it with soft towel cloth.
· When the child sits in his chair, allows him to play with different senses to touch (gelatin, cereal, whipped cream, etc.).
· Provide a box where you can play with different objects of different texture (stone, wood, sponge, sandpaper, soft paper, etc.). Play with the box several times a day and, while playing, take one object at a time, teach it and say your name or tell it what it is or does and let it touch it while you talk to it.

· Encouragement of tastes.
· As your baby begins to have variety in the food, offer a variety of different flavors and textures. Cookies are toasted and salty; Bananas are sweet and fluffy; raisins are sweet and elastic; Gherkins are sour and soft.

· Stimulus of odors.
· Stimulates the baby’s sense of smell (the bathroom smells different than the kitchen, the stores smell different than the supermarket).

· Rock your baby regularly.
· When your baby has control of your torso, put him on a swing or armchair.
· Your baby will enjoy a movement with rhythm, that they will embrace him and dance with him around the room.

Use these suggestions as a guide in general. We hope that these suggestions have stimulated you to use your creativity and do activities that enjoy the baby, you and your family. Remember to include other family members in your games.

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